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THERE'S little more festive than a slice of Christmas cake or a good Christmas pudding on the festive table, and if you had planned on making your own this year, then now is the time to start.
Plum pudding has a richer and denser texture than Christmas cake, and is not quite as sweet.
And this NZNO Christmas cake shares many similarities with the more traditional Yuletide fare.
Five Christmas puuuuuuuuds, four roasted spuds, three sausage rolls, two mince pies and a chocolate Christmas cake
David said: "I have baKed Christmas caKes for the family for a few years and made them this time in November and had some ingredients left over so I thought I'd put one forward for the Dusty Miller baKe.
She maintains that panettone - which originated in Milan and is said to have been created by a humble baker to woo the daughter of a rich merchant - is easy, if a little fiddly, to make and unlike traditional Christmas cake can be made at the last minute as it doesn't need to mature.
Many big name stores have surpassed themselves this year with an impressive range of pre-prepared Christmas cake kits to make your life that little bit easier over the frantic festive season.
A Waitrose ad for Delia Smith's Christmas cake has been belatedly banned for misleading viewers about the number of ingredients they had to buy, a watchdog said.
For a high street alternative, we recommend the Marks & Spencer Fully Iced Christmas Cake, Connoisseur Recipe, priced pounds 19.
Cadbury Cakes is offering 10 retailers the chance to win five sets of Cadbury Christmas Cakes products from the range.