chromatic scale

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chromatic scale,

in music: see scalescale,
in music, any series of tones arranged in a step-by-step rising or falling order of pitch. A scale defines the interval relationship of each tone to the others upon which the composition depends.
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Chromatic Scale


the scale of 12 semitones. The chromatic scale is regarded as a major or minor scale of passing semitones; hence the rules governing its notation: all diatonic degrees must be notated without enharmonic substitutions. In the major mode, diatonic degrees are indicated in ascending by augmenting the notes of the diatonic scale, except that a diminished seventh is used instead of an augmented sixth. In descending, the notes of the diatonic scale are diminished, except that an augmented fourth is used instead of a diminished fifth. In the minor mode, the notation of the relative major is used in ascending, and that of the major of the same name is used in descending.

chromatic scale

Music a twelve-note scale including all the semitones of the octave
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Nevertheless, the initiative, as far as the analysis of complex chromatic music is concerned, remains with those who explore the interaction of linear and vertical, motivic and harmonic, contrapuntal and chordal, textual and thematic, in ways which do not, in the end, reduce the musical surface to an implausibly basic background of any kind.