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(cell and molecular biology)
The initial stage of mitotic or meiotic cell division in which chromosomes are condensed from the nuclear material and split logitudinally to form pairs.
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one of the stages of mitotic cell division. During prophase of mitosis, the mitotic apparatus is formed and the chromosomes, which already consist of two sister chromatids, spiralize. In most cells, the nuclear membrane fragmentizes and the nucleolus is destroyed during prophase.

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Slides were observed under UV-fluorescence microscope within 30 min before the fluorescent color faded accordingly: (i) viable cells appeared to have green nucleus with intact structure; (ii) early apoptotic cells exhibited a bright-green nucleus showing condensation of chromatin in the nucleus; (iii) dense orange areas of chromatin condensation revealed late apoptosis, and (iv) orange intact nucleus depicted secondary necrosis.
In mammalian cells, phosphorylation of the Serine 10 residue of histone H3 is negligible during interphase but reaches a maximum for chromatin condensation during mitosis.