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(cell and molecular biology)
The initial stage of mitotic or meiotic cell division in which chromosomes are condensed from the nuclear material and split logitudinally to form pairs.



one of the stages of mitotic cell division. During prophase of mitosis, the mitotic apparatus is formed and the chromosomes, which already consist of two sister chromatids, spiralize. In most cells, the nuclear membrane fragmentizes and the nucleolus is destroyed during prophase.

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Macrocephaly in bull spermatozoa is associated with nuclear vacuoles; diploidy and alteration of chromatin condensation.
13) Accordingly, we enquired the effect of zerumbone on Leishmania chromatin condensation and nuclear blebbing, the hallmark of apoptosis.
Emphasis was laid on the effects of OA on adipogenesis, adipogenic markers, PPAR[gamma] expression and translocation, lipolysis measurements, and various apoptotic events including cell viability, apoptosis, chromatin condensation and expression of apoptotic proteins.
Apoptosis-like PCD--Stage I chromatin condensation--less compact chromatin condensation.
Chromatin condensation is not associated with apoptosis.
According to the company, the Nuclear-ID Green Chromatin Condensation System provides a rapid and convenient assay for one of the more prominent hallmarks of late-stage apoptosis, nuclear condensation.
The histones should be replaced by protamines during sperm DNA packaging for more chromatin condensation (39).
The increased sensitivity to DNA damage in abnormal spermatozoa is probably due to failed chromatin condensation, which makes DNA more accessible to damage.