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Mg3 Al2(SiO4)3 A mineral species of the garnet group characterized by a deep fiery-red color and occurring in basic and ultrabasic igneous rocks.
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a mineral of the garnet group; in pure form, magnesium aluminum garnet Mg3Al2[SiO4]3, containing 20.45 percent MgO and frequent admixtures of Fe, Mn, and other elements. Known for its rich, attractive dark red color, pyrope is a characteristic component of certain peridotites, kimberlites, and serpentinites. Transparent blood-red varieties of pyrope are classed as gems. The most well-known pyropes are from the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, where they occur in basalt breccia detritus, embedded in peridotites, and are extracted from placers. In the USSR, pyrope occurs in the kimberlites (where pyrope is associated with diamond) and eclogites of the Yakutia.

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