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(graphic arts)
Lithographic printing with several colors, requiring a stone for each color.



a method of lithographic reproduction of multicolored images, in which a separate printing image is prepared by hand on a stone or zinc plate for each color; an outline is applied initially on the surface of each stone. Chromolithography has been replaced almost entirely by the photomechanical methods used in planographic printing to produce plates.

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Decorating the Dining-Room: Still-Life Chromolithographs and Domestic Ideology in Nineteenth-Century America.
b) New genres of chromolithographs from the art presses of Kansaripara and Chorebagan
Christian baptism fits right in with Vodou baptisms of people, objects, and places, and the millions of saints' chromolithographs handed out by priests and now hawked at every pilgrimage only reinforce the saint-spirit relationship.
Starting with hand-painted colored pictures on strips of glass, by mid-century the slides were produced on 3 1/4-inch glass squares, using photographs (often hand-colored), chromolithographs, or transfers.
I recall many of our illustrations with deep feeling: the dozen pages of bi-colored Maine tourmalines, after the chromolithographs in A.
In vodou, to put it briefly, once they reach American soil, the old African gods translate into Haitian lwa (a Dahomean word meaning "spirit," "god," or "image), just as the Catholic saints, once they appear on temple walls or chromolithographs, are Haitianized, merging in worship with the lwa.
lt;IR> PUCK </IR> (1877-1918) was distinguished by Joseph Keppler's aggressive political and social cartoons, presented in bold chromolithographs.
In Act I this can have the effect of preciosity, and effect Gruberova heightens by striking a series of poses evocative of Victorian chromolithographs, but in Act III, for the mad scene, here approach pays off handsomely.
83) To their promoters, these were art forms comparable to paintings or the chromolithographs on which they were sometimes based.
22) Quite distinctly, Pinney's powerful research into the politics, aesthetics, and censorship of Indian chromolithographs argues for an alternative take on history--one that is specifically made by images.
Colour lithographs, also known in the 19th century as chromolithographs, use stone for the printing surface, and by this date generate the image through stippling, which here creates quite a soft effect.
In the revised edition of Paxton's Flower Garden by Baines published from 1882-1884 the plates were printed as chromolithographs and of less quality.