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(graphic arts)
Lithographic printing with several colors, requiring a stone for each color.



a method of lithographic reproduction of multicolored images, in which a separate printing image is prepared by hand on a stone or zinc plate for each color; an outline is applied initially on the surface of each stone. Chromolithography has been replaced almost entirely by the photomechanical methods used in planographic printing to produce plates.

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b) New genres of chromolithographs from the art presses of Kansaripara and Chorebagan
While Benjamin argues that what was lost in the age of mechanical reproduction was the 'aura' or authenticity of the work of art, it is possible to imagine ways in which this new genre of chromolithographs would produce and circulate a new type of 'aura' around the glossy tactility of the colour print.
The tactile and illusionist potential of Ravi Varma's paintings now began to be transported into the glossy and garish prints of the cheap oleographs and chromolithographs.
Christian baptism fits right in with Vodou baptisms of people, objects, and places, and the millions of saints' chromolithographs handed out by priests and now hawked at every pilgrimage only reinforce the saint-spirit relationship.
In the revised edition of Paxton's Flower Garden by Baines published from 1882-1884 the plates were printed as chromolithographs and of less quality.
The Floral Cabinet and Magazine of exotic botany, volume 1-3 1837-1840 London, with 138 chromolithographs, directed by G.
His name calls to mind cheap chromolithographs of The Stag at Bay, that cliche of the seaside lodging house, whilst his penchant for gory sporting scenes, slavering dogs and heaps of dead game puts off the squeamish (and the animal rights supporter).
The objects which he was involved in bringing to the public collections in Victoria which could and have been dismissed as a heterogenous mishmash--plaster casts of Greek and Roman deities, relief sculptures, medals and coins, calotypes and chromolithographs of early Italian, Spanish and German masters, majolica ware, portrait busts of famous men, oil paintings by contemporary minor European masters--only make sense as a collecting policy if understood in the light of the contemporary cultural context.
On suspended shelves stood the books which she desired to have near her, and round about the walls hung prints, photographs, chromolithographs, selected in an honest spirit of admiration, which on the whole did no discredit to Nancy's sensibilities.
Many flags employ chromolithographs sandwiched between the stretched fabric and the outer sequin layers.
This Rada loa is associated with the Catholic Virgin Mary and most of the flags sewn in her honor employ a chromolithograph of the Mater Dolorosa, the sorrowful Madonna whose image is common throughout the Latin American world.