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inflammation of the palatine tonsils, causing enlargement, occasionally to the extent that they nearly touch one another



inflammation of the tonsils, especially the palatine tonsils. The inflammation may be acute (seeANGINA) or chronic. Although chronic tonsillitis may develop independently, it more frequently follows episodes of catarrhal tonsillitis or of other infectious diseases—such as scarlet fever, measles, and diphtheria—that are accompanied by inflammation of the pharyngeal mucous membranes.

Allergy to streptococci and adenoviruses is an important factor in the development of tonsillitis. In cases of chronic tonsillitis, there is ulceration of the mucosa, granulation, small abscesses within the tonsils themselves, and proliferation of the connective tissues. In its simple form, chronic tonsillitis is characterized by local symptoms only—for example, sore throat; in its toxic-allergic form, it is accompanied by such general symptoms as persistent cervical lymphadenitis, elevated body temperature, and cardiac changes. Chronic tonsillitis may contribute to the development or aggravation of other diseases, such as rheumatism, nephritis, and thyrotoxicosis.

Simple chronic tonsillitis is treated by antimicrobial means, irrigation of the lateral lacunae, or physiotherapy. Tonsillectomy, or surgical removal of the tonsils, may be prescribed in cases of pronounced toxic-allergic tonsillitis.


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Inflammation of the tonsils.
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The musician is suffering from chronic tonsillitis and this is the first time he has had to cancel shows through illness in his long career.
The former Jam and Style Council frontman had been due to appear on Friday, but has been ordered to cancel the remaining dates on his tour schedule by doctors who have diagnosed him with chronic tonsillitis.
His record company said it had been thought only the first few shows later this month would be affected but the ex-Jam front man has now been admitted to hospital suffering from chronic tonsillitis.
The most common diagnosis was chronic tonsillitis (n = 18) followed by tonsillar hypertrophy (n = 7).
Tonsillectomy significantly improved quality of life and decreased health-care utilization and economic burden in a study of adults with chronic tonsillitis.
Alan does get these attacks of chronic tonsillitis, especially in our harsh winter, but he fights it all the way.
But why I'm really recommending the operation is because having chronic tonsillitis is a huge drain on your immune system.
Stierman's patients, Austin-resident Evie Ellis, had suffered from chronic tonsillitis for six years.

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