Chu Chiang

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Zhu Jiang

, Chu Chiang, Chu Kiang
a river in SE China, in S Guangdong province, flowing southeast from Canton to the South China Sea. Length: about 177 km (110 miles)
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Chu Chiang


(also Pearl River, Canton River), a river in Southeast China; left (northern) channel of the delta of the Hsi Chiang. The Pearl River empties into the Chu Chiang K’ou (Bay of Canton) of the South China Sea, forming an estuary. The river is more than 40 km long. The seaport of Canton (Kuangchou) is situated on the river, above the estuary. The Chu is navigable; it is fished commercially and is a source of pearls. The name “Chu Chiang” is frequently applied to the entire Hsi Chiang system.

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