Chubinskii, Pavel

Chubinskii, Pavel Platonovich


Born Jan. 15 (27), 1839, near Borispol’, in what is now the Ukrainian SSR; died Jan. 14 (26), 1884. Bourgeois democratic ethnographer and folklorist specializing in the Ukraine and Russia.

Chubinskii studied the economic resources and ethnography of the northern provinces of Russia in 1867. In 1869 and 1870 he headed an expedition to the country’s southwestern provinces. The materials gathered on this trip are a rich source for the historical ethnography of the Ukraine and for the customary law, way of life, folklore, and dialects of the Ukrainians and other peoples. These materials were published in Works of an Ethnographic-Statistical Expedition to the Western Russian Region Sponsored by the Russian Geographical Society (vols. 1–7, St. Petersburg, 1872–79).


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