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the name given in Old Russian chronicles to the Estonians and related Finno-Ugric tribes (Zavoloch’e Chud’) living in the domains of the Novgorod Feudal Republic east of Lake Onega, along the Onega and Severnaia Dvina rivers.

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Since it is part of a World Heritage site, the old souk area a walking distance to the north of the temple site should be in harmony with its surroundings and remain authentic, Salloum says, adding that parts of the souk are being restored to their former and authentic stonewall facades through the CHUD project, an act she hopes will also attract more tourists to the city.
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To illustrate the validity of the proposed approach, this paper discusses the heritage trail as an approach used in the Cultural Heritage and Urban Development (CHUD) project in the historical core of Saida (Old Saida), Lebanon as a case study.
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Despite these changing demographics, researchers have noted a dearth of research about culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) students in early childhood education (ECE) and disparity in providing for these students (Bernhard, Lefebvre, Chud, & Lange, 1995; Toohey, 2000; Suarez-Orozco, 2001; Falconer & Byrnes, 2003).