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the name given in Old Russian chronicles to the Estonians and related Finno-Ugric tribes (Zavoloch’e Chud’) living in the domains of the Novgorod Feudal Republic east of Lake Onega, along the Onega and Severnaia Dvina rivers.

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Chude Mba stated: "I am pleased to report that ERHC is progressing along the path we envisioned more than two years ago.
Chatelain, Andrea Nicole Chaves, Guilherme Chaves, Luke Chevrette, Cynthia Ijeoma Chude, Karl Robert Chung, Sarah Ann Clark, Julian Kenzo Coelho, Miles W.
Chude Mba, president of Chrome, stated: "Chrome is extremely pleased to have partnered with such a highly regarded and experienced public relations firm.
Cardiac ventricular assist system with provision of equipment and consumables for the benefit of Chude BordeauxLa service includes:-the provision of equipment, maintenance of equipment available consumables associesla-time provision is related to clinical condition of the patient.
Former Doherty High athlete Brianna Wise (55 dash, 200) and Cathy Chude of Marlboro (pentathlon) turned in ECAC qualifying performances for Worcester State.
Chude Mba, president of Chrome, stated: "We are very pleased that our Berlin Stock Exchange listing has been approved and are looking forward to the increased exposure the listing will provide.
Also for Worcester State, freshman Cathy Chude of Marlboro took first in the 55 hurdles (8.
Chude Mba, president of ERHC, stated: "With the announcement of the signing of the Treaty between Nigeria and Sao Tome last month and our rights in the region established, we are pleased to be able to have access to this data.
Former Marlboro standout Cathy Chude finished 10th in the 60-meter hurdles (9.
Chude Mba, president of ERHC, said: "With the recent ratification of the JDZ treaty and the expectation of rapid progress toward the first licensing round in the JDZ this year, ERHC has begun to consider proposals from international oil companies with deep water expertise to form joint ventures and bidding groups.
Stephanie Ellis (Gardner); Eva Mahan, Fran Costello, Sarah Hilton, Micaela Lacombe, Heather Hoglund (Groton-Dunstable); Monica Rivera, Allyson Oram, Alicia DeGriso, Gala Moreno, Kayleigh Fay, Alexandra Grimaldo, Cathy Chude, Kristen Roberts, Shanissa Sampson (Marlboro); Emily Clark, Alee Wade, Molly Porcher (Nashoba); Kathleen Brekka, Tove Freeman (Quabbin); Gwendolyn Garcia, Lexi Walls, Erin Silva, Gayle Heim, Nadia Ragounath, Kimberly Arvidson, Rebecca Hastings, Colleen Hester, Mackenzie Gavin, Vanessa Wegner (Westboro)
Chude Mba said: "Now that the treaty has been ratified and the Joint Authority formed, we expect rapid progress towards the launch of the first licensing round in the JDZ, in which ERHC expects to play a significant role.