(from Russian chugun, “cast iron,” and aliuminii, “aluminum”), a heat-resistant cast iron with a high aluminum content (19–25 percent). Chugal’ also contains 1.6–2.5 percent C, 1–2 percent Si, 0.4–0.8 percent Mn, up to 0.2 percent P, and up to 0.08 percent S.

Chugal’ has a high heat resistance at temperatures of up to 1100°–1150°C in air and up to 1000°C in various corrosive gaseous media, such as furnace gases, sulfur dioxide, or sulfur vapor. It does not react with nitric acid or seawater. It has satisfactory casting properties and is machinable.

Chugal’ is used to fabricate furnace accessories, such as blastfurnace tuyeres, lining plates in combustion chambers of gas-turbine installations, and exhaust hoods of cryolite baths. It may also be used as a corrosion-resistant, refractory, or nonmagnetic material. In the USSR, two types of chugal’ are produced: ZhChIu-22 and ZhChIuSh-22.


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