a city and the administrative center of Chuguev Raion, Kharkov Oblast, Ukrainian SSR. Located on the Sever-skii Donets River and the Kiev-Rostov-on-Don highway. Railroad station on the Bezliudovka-Kupiansk line. Population, 26,000(1974).

The first mention of Chuguev in historical sources dates from 1627. A city since 1780, it became the administrative center of a military-settlements district in 1817. In 1819 an uprising of military settlers in Chuguev was cruelly suppressed by government troops. Chuguev became part of Zmiev District of Kharkov Province in 1857. In 1932 it was made the administrative center of a raion of Kharkov Oblast.

Industry in Chuguev is represented by a plant for the production of fuel equipment, a repair plant, a pilot plant for the manufacture of precision equipment, the Gidrozhelezobeton Plant, a building-materials plant, a furniture combine, an embroidery shop, and food-processing enterprises (including a meat-packing plant). Cultural institutions include an art gallery and the I. E. Repin House-museum (Repin was born in Chuguev).


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Repin (1844-1930) was the son of a soldier based in the military settlement of Chuguev in the Ukraine.