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South Korea: see ChuncheonChuncheon
or Chunchon
, city (1993 pop. 179,372), capital of Gangwon (Kangwon) prov., N South Korea. It is an important market town and rice-processing center with rail and road links to Seoul.
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a city in South Korea, in the Soyang River valley (Pukhan River basin). Capital of Kangwon-do (Kangwon Province). Population, 121,000 (1970). Chunchon, a transportation junction, manufactures textiles, food products, and mineral fertilizers.

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The bodies of Fr Reilly, Fr Collier and Fr Maginn were buried in a plot beside the church in Chunchon, South Korea.
He was shot down on July 27, 1953, while flying an observation plane as part of the 6148th Control Squadron based at Chunchon.
Air Force JAG, active duty, 1952-54; Chunchon (K-47) Korea, 1953-54; retired Major, USAF Reserve.
Department of Economics, Hallym University, Okehon-dong 1 Ga, Chunchon Kangwondo 200-702, South Korea; E-mail hshuh@hallym.
5 percent of Daeil City Gas, which serves the city of Chunchon, and 100 percent of Dongbu Haeyang City Gas, which serves Suchon.
NA, Department of Economics, Hallym University, 1 Okchon-Dong, Chunchon, Kangwon-do 200-702, Korea
Laboratory of Livestock Environment, College of Animal Life Science, Kangwon National University, Chunchon 200-701, Korea
As he headed south Joe spotted a friendly base, K-47, Chunchon, South Korea, with a short but usable 3,700-foot runway located very close to the bomb line.
It was held at an "eco-village" the center runs in Pyeongchang, a mountainous area along the border between Chunchon and Wonju dioceses.
24th Div, 26th AAA (AW), Quad 50s (1951-52, Chunchon, Kumhwa, Kumsong, Korea) (1950-winter, basic training Ft.
Chae * Department of Animal Resources Science, College of Animal Life Sciences, Kangwon National University, Chunchon, 200-701, Korea
SEOUL, South Korea -- Last month at the annual meeting of Chunchon diocesan priests, 45 priests promised to donate their internal organs and 18 others pledged to donate their bodies for research after death.