Chunizhekov, Chalchik Anchinovich

Chunizhekov, Chalchik Anchinovich


Born Oct. 29 (Nov. 10), 1898, in the urochishche (locality) of Kuium, in what is now Gorno-Altai Autonomous Oblast; died July 1, 1973, in Gorno-Altaisk. Soviet Altai writer.

The son of a peasant, Chunizhekov was first published in 1925. In the narrative poem Tuudi (1947) he depicted the skazitel’ (singer of epic folk songs) N. U. Ulagashev. In the autobiographical novella Munduzak (1962; Russian translation, 1964), Chunizhekov described life in the Altai during the early years of Soviet power.


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In Russian translation:
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