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popularly called the "Chunnel," a three-tunnel railroad connection running under the English Channel, connecting Folkestone, England, and Calais, France. The tunnels are 31 mi (50 km) long. There are two rail tunnels, each 25 ft (7.
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Chunnel tickets to Belgium, or to France, may be secured by contacting Rail Pass Express, Inc.
The men managed to sneak past security staff in France as hundreds of migrants made a dash for the Chunnel to reach Britain.
The Chunnel is bad news for the whole of the UK economy.
In effect, Palestine would gain sovereignty over an above-surface tunnel somewhat like the below-surface Chunnel that connects England to the continent.
Almost three-quarters of the new words coming into English have been created by combining existing words or parts of words, such as motel (motor + hotel), stagflation (stagnation + inflation), and chunnel (channel + tunnel).
9 June 2015 - Chunnel operator The Eurotunnel Group (Paris: GET) has decided to sell its MyFerryLink Calais-Dover ferry service, the group said.
Countless billions have been spent on the Chunnel, HS1, St Pancras and now HS2, our main elements of the Euro high speed train project.
They're losing money on the chunnel due to overestimating the amount of passengers, I think this will be the same.
CHUNNEL firm Eurostar carried 250,000 fewer passengers in the last three months.
The few remaining motorists waiting at the Chunnel entrance were given vouchers to board ferries at Dover last night.
I am just about to hop on the Chunnel to Calais where DIY stores M Bricolage, Bricoman and Leroy Martin offer savings of up to 70% on items identical to ones found in the UK.
When Chunnel talks started again in 1974, the Ministry of Defence was worried about the possibility of a Soviet invasion.