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Churchill, John:

see Marlborough, John Churchill, 1st duke ofMarlborough, John Churchill, 1st duke of
, 1650–1722, English general and statesman, one of the greatest military commanders of history.
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Winston Churchill, John F Kennedy and, while I don't know whether he'd be allowed to bring Marilyn Monroe, I'd invite her anyway.
In the visitors' book are Winston Churchill, John Houston and Gregory Peck, the latter two staying there while filming Moby Dick.
Karslake's exhibition, which runs until November 30, also features images of Twiggy, Sir Winston Churchill, John Lennon and Jimi Hendrix.
Time has stood still at Airey and Wheeler, where since 1883 they have tailored for the likes of Prince Andrew, Prince Edward, Winston Churchill, John Major and Martin Bell MP.
In particular his photographs of the near mythological figures such as Winston Churchill, John Kennedy, Albert Einstein (who he described as "the most incredible person I've photographed") and Marilyn Monroe.