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see Ji'anJi'an
or Kian
, city (1994 est. pop. 163,800), central Jiangxi prov., China. It is a major commercial port on the Gan River and an important road hub and market center. Light industry in the largest sector of the economy. Ji'an is known for its pagoda.
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, China.
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His dad Paul, mum Hayley and brothers Cy, 23, and Caleb, 19, said in a statement: "Cian was very loving, he was cheeky and popular, and everyone liked him.
Cian's family and relatives said they did not wish to comment until they had more information about the police investigation, says theBBC.
Neither Lenson Blinder nor Slippy Cian led up last week, but both managed to hit the front around the opening bends.
In March 2017 Denise took Cian to see their GP the day after the lump began to appear behind his left eye.
Within 24 hours of first noticing the lump the family were told to go to theNoah's Ark Children's Hospital for Walesin Cardiff where Cian had an MRI scan and bone marrow biopsy to diagnose his condition.
Mi ro'n i'n cyfansoddi ar y piano ac mi oedd y darn cerddoriaeth yn fy atgoffa o'r chwedl, neu falle yn yr isymwybod mi wnaeth Rhys a Meinir ysbrydoli'r cyfansoddi!" meddai Cian, brodor o Ynys Mon, sy'n byw yng Nghaerdydd.
We all started this at the same time but Cian's parents set it up.
"I think the emergence of Cian Harries has been great for the boy and the club and yet the flaws in his game were evident at crucial moments at the weekend," said the former centre-back.
Unlike most children, brave Cian is spending the festive break at Cardiff's University of Wales hospital as he battles against the cancerous spinal and brain tumours he was diagnosed with earlier this month.
"Cian's great, obviously Cian had a few dark days across the summer but towards the end of August he made fantastic progress.
With the merger of Anheuser Busch and InBev in 2008, Cian spent 4 years as the Senior Sales Director for the ABI draft beer portfolio.