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Cimarron County, Oklahoma

Courthouse Sq PO Box 145
Boise City, OK 73933
Phone: (580) 544-2251
Fax: (580) 544-2251

In the OK panhandle; organized Nov 16, 1907 from Beaver County. Name Origin: For the Cimarron River, which flows across the northern part of the county. Meaning and application of the term are uncertain. The river may have been called in Spanish el rio de los carneros cimarron 'River of the Wild Sheep'; or it is possibly a Mexican-Apache word meaning 'wanderer.'

Area (sq mi):: 1841.17 (land 1835.04; water 6.13) Population per square mile: 1.50
Population 2005: 2,833 State rank: 77 Population change: 2000-20005 -10.00%; 1990-2000 -4.60% Population 2000: 3,148 (White 81.00%; Black or African American 0.60%; Hispanic or Latino 15.40%; Asian 0.20%; Other 13.40%). Foreign born: 10.30%. Median age: 39.30
Income 2000: per capita $15,744; median household $30,625; Population below poverty level: 17.60% Personal per capita income (2000-2003): $21,499-$21,325
Unemployment (2004): 3.00% Unemployment change (from 2000): 0.70% Median travel time to work: 14.80 minutes Working outside county of residence: 14.00%
Cities with population over 10,000: None
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Materials and Methods--From 2006-2008, field surveys were conducted in Cimarron County, Oklahoma, during the period from late April-early July.
Table 1--Number of nests and reproductive success of ferruginous hawks (Buteo regalis) in study area in Cimarron County, Oklahoma, from 2006-2008.
2007) found high dietary overlap between Swainson's and Ferruginous hawks in southern Cimarron County, Oklahoma, and two adjacent counties in Texas (Dallam) and New Mexico (Union).
Mocane-Laverne Field in Beaver County, Oklahoma for $610,000, 10 separate Lots located in the Keyes Gas Area Cimarron County, Oklahoma for a total of $5,965,000; Kiowa Creek Field in Lipscomb County, Texas for $725,000; RD Mills Field in Roberts County, Texas for $1,725,000, King Mountain South Field in Upton County, Texas for $775,000; Esperanza -- Red Oak Norris Field in Latimer County, Oklahoma for $500,000; Bass Enterprises -- Various fields in Winkler County, Texas for $900,000; Swift Energy -- Giddings Field in Fayette County, Texas for $600,000; Strat Land Exploration -- Sell Field in Lipscomb County, Texas for $600,000; Vernon Faulconer -- Fostoria Field in Montgomery County, Texas for $1,300,000; Fasken Land and Minerals -- St.
Midwell, Cimarron County, Oklahoma - Sales remained steady in the second quarter.
During the 1920s and 1930s, numerous rockshelters and shallow caves in the black Mesa area at the northwestern corner of Cimarron County, Oklahoma (36[degrees]56'N, 102[degrees]59'W), were partly excavated or looted in searches for archeological materials.
Sharon has a 45% working interest in this well which is flowing into the Keyes gas processing facility operated by CIG in Cimarron County, Oklahoma.
Midwell, Cimarron County, Oklahoma - Lease infrastructure improvements to the injection water supply system and battery equipment continued in the first quarter of 2008.
To secure access to interstate gas markets, Energy Alliance successfully negotiated a deal with Colorado Interstate Gas whereby CIG would install a 20-mile pipeline from this area to their Keyes Gas Plant in Cimarron County, Oklahoma.
Midwell, Cimarron County, Oklahoma - The Company made lease infrastructure improvements to the injection water supply system in the fourth quarter of 2007.
Hanes, Cimarron County, Oklahoma - Due to severe weather conditions, the four wells to be converted to injection in the second quarter will now be completed in the third and fourth quarters.
Hanes, Cimarron County, Oklahoma - The Company completed one development well drilled in the fourth quarter of 2006.