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great ethnic complex of ancient Europe, a basic stock in the composition of the modern peoples of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, N Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, N and central France, Lowland Scotland, and England.
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Germanic tribes that originally populated the northern Jutland Peninsula. At the end of the second century B.C., the Cimbri, the Teutoni, and the Ambroni moved south. After gaining a victory over the Romans at Noreia in 113 B.C., the Cimbri moved north into Gaul, where they inflicted a series of defeats on the Romans in 109, 107, and 105 B.C. In 102 B.C. they advanced on Rome and occupied all of Northern Italy. However, in 101 B.C. the troops of the Roman military leader Gaius Marius annihilated the Cimbri at Vercellae (Vercelli).

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Perhaps the Romans reneged on promises to the Celtiberians or the Celtiberians having seen off the Cimbri, who had previously delivered severe blows to Roman prestige, were tempted into seeking greater freedom.
Henceforth during the republican period the benevolent dea Mens was especially invoked when Rome was under dire threat of imminent barbarian invasion, as, for example, at the time of the invasion of Cimbri and Theutoni in 107 B.C.(59)
Principal wars: Jugurthine War (112-105); Cimbri and Teutones (105-101); Social War (91-88); Civil War (88-82).
They cover new interpretations of hostages and bog bodies; death, resurrection, and death of the Cimbri; nations and alliances: the ethnography of Tacitus' Germania; Romans in the north: deconstruction of names and identities; and origins of the Danes: from Tacitus to King Harald.
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When coupled with a sustained loss of senatorial membership over the next fifteen years in wars against, among others, the Cimbri and Teutones, and in various political condemnations, the patres conscripti were left sufficiently weakened in auctoritas to open the way for Saturninus and Glaucia to confidently launch, and to very nearly succeed in, their bid for power in 100.
Following a remark in Julius Caesar's De bello gallico, Thierry divided the French population into Gallic tribes on the one hand, and Belgae or Cimbri, that is Germans, on the other hand.
Servilius Caepio for having brought about the Army's defeat by the Cimbri through rashness (103), and secured Caepio's exile; served as quaestor to Marcus Antonius (grandfather of triumvir Mark Antony) in a campaign against the Cilician pirates (102-100); tried for treason for actions taken during Caepio's trial, he was acquitted through the efforts of M.
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Principal wars: Jugurthine War (112-105); Cimbri and Teutones (105-101); Social War (91-88); First Mithridatic War (89-84); Roman Civil War (88-82).
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