Cinderella's sisters

Cinderella’s sisters

envious of their sister’s beauty. [Folklore: Barnhart, 246]
See: Envy
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Cinderella's Sisters: A Revisionist History of Footbinding.
But he appeared in a production at his Frankby Road, West Kirby, school as one of Cinderella's sisters.
DAVE CAMPBELL, ESPN sportswriter, on the quickness of Roberto Alomar: "He gets to the ball quicker than Cinderella's sisters."
Feingold's lyrics are like the feet of Cinderella's sisters trying to squeeze into the glass slipper of Weill's music: They don't make it, and the effort shows in the form of clunky rhymes, sprung rhythms and misplaced emphases.
Tito Capobianco's direction encouraged the City Opera in its tendency to caper about like a troop of Cinderella's sisters, made mad with delight at their new fripperies.