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CIR can be found on the World Wide Web at http://www.
CIR is attempting to overthrow the application of affirmative action policies in universities across the land.
William Kennedy Smith and based in Chicago, the CIR operates in collaboration with the renowned Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago and Northwestern University.
The 2006 CIR Compendium is $200 for CTFA members and $350 for nonmembers.
The CIR was initiated in 1976 by the CTFA in response to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considering implementing a cosmetic ingredient safety evaluation program.
1221(a)(2) and 1222 (3), because N presented n o proof of the cost of the tools and failed to establish any basis in the assets; see Reinke, 46 F3d 760 (8th Cir.
Helvering, the Supreme Court considered the application of the economic-substance doctrine in Knetsch, 364 US 361 (1960), aff'g 272 F2d 200 (9th Cir.
CIR predicts that the metro wholesale wavelength services market could reach almost $900 million (US) in five years time growing from a mere $30 million (US) in 2001 because of the increasingly attractive value of wavelength services over that of dark fiber as well as the gradual penetration of metro DWDM systems into carrier networks.
Both the Tax Court and the Ninth Circuit have previously held such sales deserve ordinary-income treatment; see Maginnis, 356 F3d 1179 (9th Cir.
CIR believes that the wholesale lambda services market will remain limited to the CLEC (Competitive Local Exchange Carriers) space for the foreseeable future.
CIR states that it will be difficult for most companies to generate significant metro revenues without OSMINE certification given the stringent requirements that ILECs have for software interoperability.
United States Army Corps of Engineers, 2005 WL 525269 (9th Cir.