Circuit Diagram

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circuit diagram

[′sər·kət ‚dī·ə‚gram]
A drawing, using standardized symbols, of the arrangement and interconnections of the conductors and components of an electrical or electronic device or installation. Also known as schematic circuit diagram; wiring diagram.
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Circuit Diagram


a graphic representation of an electric circuit in which actual circuit components are represented by standard symbols.

Circuit diagrams can be classified into four types: schematic diagrams, wiring diagrams, basic diagrams, and design diagrams. Schematic diagrams depict the functional components of an electric circuit and their interconnections. Wiring diagrams (for connections and junctions) show the arrangement of circuit components and of connecting wires. In basic diagrams, the standard symbols for the circuit components are arranged in correspondence with the operational principle of the device, as well as to facilitate the reading of the diagram. In design diagrams, all or some of the components are represented as equivalent circuits; in such diagrams, sources of electromotive force, current, resistance, inductance, capacitance, and so on are assumed to be components with lumped parameters.

Circuit diagrams are used in studying the work of electric circuits and in calculating their operating conditions.

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In the Analogue group these were a pin-out diagram, circuit diagram and event schedule, and in the Digital group a pin-out diagram, circuit diagram and truth table.
Another function highlightedSchematics(find, type) can highlight in different colours various parts of the circuit diagram. This function is used extensively in feedback generation-- to point out the set of resistors in series or in parallel which can be replaced by a single equivalent resistor.
Moreover, in this type of gyrator, the transfer resistance in no-load regime ([R.sub.12]) is negative, respectively, the transfer conductance is greater than zero ([G.sub.12]>0), which means that, in order to obtain a unidirectional two-port circuit diagram, should be considered the circuit with transversal resistance.
The specific circuit diagram of the monocycle pulse forming circuit is shown in part (b) of Figure 4.Thenegative narrow pulse at the cathode of D3 propagates in two directions away from SRDs.
They also assumed Gaussian distributions which can not be applied for circuit diagram analysis.
High-knowledge electrical trainees showed a marked preference for an instructional package that consisted of only the electrical circuit diagram. Thus our findings in the domain of electrical engineering are consistent with the McNamara et al.
3: Elementary circuit of modified POSL converter (a) circuit diagram (b) circuit diagram when switch is ON (c) circuit diagram when switch is OFF
Function solve Problem(type) starts by iteratively simplifying starting circuit diagram, replacing random series or parallel of resistors with their equivalent resistances.
Capitalizing on the parallel functions of genetic "circuits" and electric circuits, they have adopted a "hybrid modeling approach" that integrates biochemistry into ordinary circuit diagrams. In this way, they can account for the choice of replicative strategies the bacteriophage lambda makes after infecting Escherichia coli.
"We can follow global connections, cables, but we can't follow the individual wires that are so important [in learning and memory]." With these computer simulations, however, "we really do for the first time have a hope of understanding the circuit diagram in the brain."
Washington, August 12 (ANI): Scientists have released a new set of standards for graphically representing biological information which is the biology equivalent of the circuit diagram in electronics.

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