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In 2013, the Starlinger Group set the course for the future with the development of the cost-optimized circular loom series RX, which is produced exclusively in China.
Tenders are invited for Replacement of old damaged control panel boards for circular loom room of mp division at nirjaft 12, regent park, kolkata 40.
The said office recommended, among others, the replacement of the fusible load center, the embedded circular loom, and the fusible load center with panel board and circuit breaker.
Their first project Peacemakers, at Renfield St Stephen's in Glasgow invites visitors to the church to engage in an act of weaving on a circular loom. Gardner & Gardner also made a site-specific work for the Service of Introduction in October which consisted of 153 glass jars partially filled with water and suspended from the ceiling in curving lines.
Experiment weaving on a circular loom. Try weaving on a heavy paper or plastic plate.
As she wove yarn around the nubs of a circular loom attempting to make a hat, Mrs.
Austrian world market leader Starlinger recently provided the Bangladesh University of Textiles with a circular loom RX 6.0 for training purposes.
And with a power consumption as low as 7.5 kW the FX 10.0 is currently the most energy-efficient circular loom on the market", he explained.
In mid-2011, W and tape stretching line, a number of high performance H and BSW supplied the factory with a tiraTex 1600 advanTex circular looms, an ecoTex 1600 extrusion coating line as well as two converTex SL valve bottomers.
One of them specialises in lay flat and specialty hoses and the other one produces circular looms for the manufacture of the woven fabric used in the production of hoses.
22 June 2011 - ICRA retained yesterday the ratings on the fund- and non-fund based limits of Indian circular looms maker GCL India Pvt Ltd at LBB+/"stable" and A4+, respectively.
Process innovations include the technology to produce three dimensional products, totally enclosed counter balanced-quadra punch, counter rotating drives, circular looms, extreme widths and a multitude of needle designs.

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