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A device which produces polarized light, such as a Nicol prism or Polaroid sheet.



a device for obtaining completely or partially polarized light from light with arbitrary polarization characteristics. It is the simplest polarizing device and one of the main elements in more complex devices. Linear polarizers, which produce plane-polarized light, take the form of optically anisotropic polarizing prisms, polarizing sheets, and optical piles of isotropic plates transparent in a given region of the spectrum. A combination of a linear polarizer with quarter-wave plates is used to obtain circularly polarized light. Any polarizer can also be used as an analyzer of polarized radiation.


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In the unit cell, two pairs of Archimedean spirals with different parameters are adopted to construct the whole circular polarizer.
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In this paper, we developed a new compact circular polarizer.
The circular polarizer is usually designed to convert one linearly polarized mode into two orthogonal modes with a 90-degree phase shift by loading the discontinuities of septum [3-5], corrugations [6-9], dielectrics [10,11].
distributor for medium and large format Horseman and Rolleiflex professional cameras, today announced that it will exhibit at PMA what is expected to be the thinnest circular polarizer filters that take a standard snap lens cap.
It is an internal focus design, so the front element does not rotate during focusing and zooming, a convenience for users of circular polarizer filters.
6 mm equivalent) wide-angle lens, and German-designed B&W circular polarizer and neutral density 55mm filters are all designed to work with the latest digital camera from Kodak.
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The offering consists of two PT-DW530U DLP projectors, a dual-projector stacking frame, a pair of circular polarizers, 100 pairs of circularly-polarized glasses, 133" diagonal silver screen, as well as additional components needed to setup the system.
Artificial single and double helices have been proposed for broadband circular polarizers [7-9] and have improved the signal to noise ratio [10].
The RF divider/combiner subassembly contains an array of waveguides geometrically identical to the antenna assembly except that the dielectric loads do not embody circular polarizers.
The V100 offers Getac's exclusive QuadraClear[TM] technology, which allows easy viewing in direct sunlight by incorporating special anti-reflective coatings, linear and circular polarizers, and a 1200 NIT LED display.