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The tail vein-retinal circulation time [Figure 3]b significantly prolonged in the 1-week (7.778 [+ or -] 1.122 s) and 2-week (11.922 [+ or -] 1.029 s) group versus the sham (2.692 [+ or -] 0.403 s) or naive group (2.743 [+ or -] 0.504 s) ( P < 0.05).
We calculated the following phases in the transit of fluorescein in the fundus: (1) the time of the choroidal flush (sec), (2) the arm-to-retina time (sec), which reflects the early arteriolar phase and was recorded for the appearance of the retinal arterial fluorescence, and (3) the early and late phases of the retinal circulation time (RT: sec).
Indeed, the GM1 decoration was effective in mice while it did not have any beneficial effect on the circulation time of liposomes in rats [63].
The facility had a water circulation time of more than two hours, compared with health and safety guidelines of just 45 minutes.
The irony is that by cutting back on circulation time, the savings on the customer's electrical bill are minimal, says Kushner.
To ensure peak chamber enhancement, the circulation time is usually determined using a 10-mL bolus of a solution of 5 g/L magnesium sulfate injected intravenously.
The Runge-Kutta integration is carried out until a particle circulates once completely in the x-y plane to provide us finally not only with components of the set of deformation gradient tensors but also with the circulation time, [T.sub.cir], and the down-channel displacement, [Mathematical Expression Omitted!, during one circulation.
The circulation time for various rotors discussed above was measured.
Marqibo extends the circulation time of vincristine in the bloodstream, increases targeting of the drug to malignant cells, and enhances exposure duration at the site of the disease.
Water circulation time at the 30-year-old pool is over two hours compared with health and safety guidelines of just 45 minutes.