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, ancient Cirta, city (1998 pop. 462,187), capital of Constantine dept., NE Algeria, on the gorge of the Rhumel River. A major inland city, it is the railhead of a prosperous and diverse agricultural area.
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, Algeria.
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Fronto reminds him that the gods do on occasion give the Romans a hard time, listing as examples of such defeat: Allia, Caudium, Cannae, Numantia and Cirta (referring to the defeat of Albinus in 109 BC, during the Jugurthine war).
His having been born in Cirta is an accident of fate that in no way affected Fronto's self-view as a Roman.
8) Raven 1969:85-86 cites the fact that Cirta had its own permanent acting company (which presumably would have produced Classical dramas) as an example of the cultural level of Numidia.
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Il s'agit d'une fresque historique mise en scene par Ahmed Benaissa qui aborde des evenements marquants de l'histoire de la Numidie et la place qu'occupait Cirta (Constantine).
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