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see kitharakithara
or cithara
, musical instrument of the ancient Greeks. It was a plucked instrument, a larger and stronger form of the lyre, used by professional musicians both for solo playing and for the accompaniment of poetry and song.
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a plucked stringed instrument of the ancient Greeks, related to the lyre. It had a flat wooden body with two arms, joined at the top by a crossbar, and four strings. In the first half of the seventh century B.C. the number of strings was increased to seven; later they were gradually increased to 18. Singing citharists accompanied themselves on the cithara, which was also used as a solo instrument.

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Jerome himself decided against organa in his retranslation of the Psalter from the Hebrew, shifting to citharas, and this was also the translation used in the Protestant Latin Bible of Junius and Tremellius.
Cithara was, moreover, the term favoured by the Greek translators of the Septuagint in their rendering of kinnor.
either playing our clavier, which is many citharas in one, with all the fingers of both hands, or running over the keys of the instrument of instruments, whose innumberable pipes are brought to life by bellows, with both hands and, at utmost speed, with his feet, producing by himself the most various and at the same time mutually agreeable combinations of sounds in orderly procession.