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An important variety of crystalline quartz, yellow to brown in color and transparent. Also known as Bohemian topaz; false topaz; quartz topaz; topaz quartz; yellow quartz.



a mineral; a yellow variety of quartz (seeQUARTZ). Citrine, whose color is due to point defects of the crystal structure, is a rare mineral, occurring in Alpine-type hydrothermal quartz veins and pegmatites and sometimes in lava amygdules. In appearance it resembles topaz; it is distinguished from topaz during faceting by its weaker play of colors owing to lesser light refraction. Attractively colored translucent varieties are gems of class III. In jewelry-making, citrine is produced by heating smoky quartz or amethyst; its synthesis has also been mastered.

The chief deposits of citrine are located in Brazil, Uruguay, Madagascar, Scotland, Spain, and the United States; in the USSR the mineral is found at Murzinka in the Urals.