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An important variety of crystalline quartz, yellow to brown in color and transparent. Also known as Bohemian topaz; false topaz; quartz topaz; topaz quartz; yellow quartz.



a mineral; a yellow variety of quartz (seeQUARTZ). Citrine, whose color is due to point defects of the crystal structure, is a rare mineral, occurring in Alpine-type hydrothermal quartz veins and pegmatites and sometimes in lava amygdules. In appearance it resembles topaz; it is distinguished from topaz during faceting by its weaker play of colors owing to lesser light refraction. Attractively colored translucent varieties are gems of class III. In jewelry-making, citrine is produced by heating smoky quartz or amethyst; its synthesis has also been mastered.

The chief deposits of citrine are located in Brazil, Uruguay, Madagascar, Scotland, Spain, and the United States; in the USSR the mineral is found at Murzinka in the Urals.

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Alongside Tiffany & Co's signature collections of diamond rings and pendants, display cabinets showed rings made from Brazilian gemstones, such as green prasiolite, yellow citrine and purple amethyst.
Bracelets, earrings, and necklace by Citrine by the Stones.
It is 18ct gold with an enamelled centre and alternate links set with amethysts and citrines.