citrus fruits

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citrus fruits,

widely used edible fruits of plants belonging to Citrus and related genera of the family Rutaceae (orangeorange,
name for a tree of the family Rutaceae (rue, or orange, family), native to China and Indochina, and for its fruit, the most important fresh fruit of international commerce.
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 family). Included are the tangerine, citrange, tangelo, orange, pomelo, grapefruitgrapefruit,
, or pummelo
, citrus fruit (Citrus paradisi) of the family Rutaceae (orange family). The grapefruit is so named because it grows in grapelike bunches. The large globular fruit weighs from 1 to 5 lb (0.45–2.27 kg).
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, lemonlemon,
one of the citrus fruits, from a tree (Citrus limon) of the family Rutaceae (orange family), probably native to India. A small tree (to about 15 ft/5 m tall) with thorny branches and purple-edged white blossoms, it requires a mild, equable climate.
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, limelime,
in botany, small shrublike tree (Citrus aurantifolia) of the family Rutaceae (rue family), one of the citrus fruit trees, similar to the lemon but more spreading and irregular in growth.
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, citroncitron
, name for a tree (Citrus medica) of the family Rutaceae (orange family), and for its fruit, the earliest of the citrus fruits to be introduced to Europe from Asia.
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, and kumquatkumquat
, ornamental shrub of the genus Fortunella of the family Rutaceae (rue family), closely related to the orange and other citrus fruits. It has evergreen leaves, sweet-scented white flowers, and small, orange-yellow edible fruits which are eaten fresh or in
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. Almost all the species bearing edible fruits are small trees native to SE Asia, Indonesia, or Malaysia. The citron was introduced to the Mediterranean area from Asia before the advent of Christianity; the others were spread chiefly by the Arabs during the Middle Ages. Introduced throughout Europe during the Crusades, they were brought by Portuguese and Spanish explorers to the West Indies, whence they were introduced into North and South America. Commercially they are now the most important group of tropical and subtropical fruits in the world. The fruits are rich in vitamin C (ascorbic acid), various fruit acids (especially citric acidcitric acid
or 2-hydroxy-1,2,3-propanetricarboxylic acid,
HO2CCH2C(OH)(CO2H)CH2CO2H, an organic carboxylic acid containing three carboxyl groups; it is a solid at room temperature, melts at 153°C;, and
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), and fruit sugar. The rind, which contains numerous oil glands, and the fragrant blossoms of some species are also a source of essential oils used for perfumes and similar products. Citrus fruits can be damaged by freezing temperatures, pests (scale insects, rust mites), and various bacterial, viral, and fungal diseases (e.g., citrus canker, greening, tristeza, and melanose).


See W. Reuther, ed., The Citrus Industry (3 vol., 1968–78); R. W. Ward and R. L. Kilmer, The Citrus Industry (1989).

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citrus fruits

citrus fruits

contain 58 known anti-cancer compounds- more than any other food. Supplies needed electrolytes, alkalizes blood, dissolves uric acid crystals and even kidney stones. Helps flush out mucus. Antiviral. Diuretic, making you urinate more. The white part under the rind (pith) is a super source of bioflavonoids. It’s bitter as hell, but eat as much of the white part as you can. Bitter is good for liver. If you can stand it, use a grater to scrub off some rind (if it's organic) and add to your food. D-LIMONENE- found in the rinds and seeds of citrus fruits and spices like caraway, dill and bergamot, helps protect against cancer by accelerating liver detoxification. Also inhibits cancer of the stomach, lungs and breasts. Citrus is used as a natural solvent and disinfectant in environmentally-friendly household and industrial cleaning supplies. LEMON- rich in vitamin C and potassium, increases saliva and gastric secretions, used to dissolve gallstones, cleans the liver, alkalizes the body and also shows promising anti-cancer properties. ORANGE PEEL- digestive aid, anti-fungal. Used in aromatherapy to feel good, calm anxiety, depression. GRAPEFRUIT- do not take grapefruit if taking calcium blockers for high blood pressure, or allergy drugs like claritin and allegra and antihistamines like Benadryl
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According to a study titled "History, Global Distribution, and Nutritional Importance of Citrus Fruits", these citrus fruits are associated with lowered circulating cholesterol and gastrointestinal disease prevention.
Roose said the findings could help breeders develop better-tasting citrus fruits. However, he said breeding varieties with severe mutations in the transcription factors such as those studied in the "acidless" citrus would be "overkill," producing sugary citrus fruits with none of their popular acidic kick.
Furthermore, Abdel Sadek explained that the company has increased the areas of agricultural lands in its farms in order to boost its production to 500,000 tonnes of citrus fruits which are suitable for export throughout five years.
In a statement to TAP correspondent in the region, on the sidelines of the information day on the theme: "the citrus fruit market, the development hub of Cap Bon", the Minister described cooperation with the municipalities of Menzel Bouzelfa, Beni Khaled, Zaouiet Jedidi, Soliman and Takelssa as a "pilot experience".
Sultan said that United States, Australia, Japan, South Korea and some Central Asian Republics are not importing Pakistani kinno anymore, while those importing our citrus fruit are not paying good prices.
Other citrus fruits are also grown in the area like fruiter, Malta, red blood, mussami, mitha (sweet lemon), sanghtara and grape fruit.
ha co ca ty cheS citr Several substances occurring naturally in citrus fruits have been found to have cancerfighting potential in scientific studies, of which the two most promising are limonoids and pectin.
Therefore, a number of studies have focused on the potential of Citrus fruits and their derivatives against H.
Experts said that growers should not plough the land during hot weather as rays of sun harm the roots of the citrus fruits. Weeds grown in citrus fruit gardens must be buried in land with the help of rotavator machine as it does not let the land to get much warm and ultimately helps in protecting the roots from decay, they said.
Pakistan at the 10th rank of the largest producer of citrus fruits in the world.
The log percent transfer of Salmonella to the gloved hands was significantly higher for Minneola tangelo, at 0.02[+ or -]0.25 %, than for the other citrus fruits. When Salmonella was inoculated at the styler ends on all citrus varieties, a significantly higher transfer, -0.32[+ or -]0.20%, to the edible portion occurred, compared to the other inoculation sites.
It is believed that the Far East is the homeland of citrus fruits, especially the orange.