City Park

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City Park

Address:1 Palm Dr
New Orleans, LA 70124

Size: 1,460 acres.
Location:Bordered by City Park Avenue, Carrollton Avenue, Wisner Boulevard, Robert E. Lee Boulevard, Marconi Drive, and Orleans Avenue.
Facilities:Picnic areas, concessions, lake, boat rentals, botanical gardens, New Orleans Museum of Art, carousel, child educational programs, sports areas.
Activities:Boating, fishing, horseback riding, golf, tennis, football, softball, rugby.
Special Features:Repairs and renovations from Hurricane Katrina are ongoing, but many of the park's attractions and special events have reopened. The park's annual "Celebration in the Oaks" holiday light exhibit, for example, returned in 2006.

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City Park

Address:York St & 17th Ave
Denver, CO 80202

Size: 314 acres.
Location:East of downtown; bordered by 26th Avenue, 17th Avenue, Josephine Street, and Colorado Boulevard.
Facilities:Picnic areas, concessions, lakes, trails, flower gardens, historical monuments, pavilion and bandshell, zoo, playground, golf course, sports areas.
Activities:Paddleboating, fishing, bicycling, golf, tennis, baseball, field hockey, football, soccer.
Special Features:Houses Denver Museum of Natural History, the fourth largest natural history museum in the country, featuring world-renowned wildlife exhibits, gems and minerals, dinosaurs, an IMAX Theater, and a planetarium. Also houses the 76-acre Denver Zoo, which features more than 1,700 animals.

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References in classic literature ?
At the end of a year he had stopped writing letters, and only once in a long time, when he was lonely or when he went into one of the city parks and saw the moon shining on the grass as it had shone that night on the meadow by Wine Creek, did he think of her at all.
Excepting for that one walk when he left jail, when he was too much worried to notice anything, and for a few times that he had rested in the city parks in the winter time when he was out of work, he had literally never seen a tree
On summer weekends now it's like a city park, with camper trucks and day floaters and tubers-that's the new thing.