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town (1990 pop. 29,603), Rockingham co., SE N.H.; set off from Londonderry 1827. Rapid population growth has changed it from a small town to a suburb. Chemicals and electronic equipment are made. Robert FrostFrost, Robert,
1874–1963, American poet, b. San Francisco. Perhaps the most popular and beloved of 20th-century American poets, Frost wrote of the character, people, and landscape of New England in a spare, solidly American language, but his lyrical yet frequently bleak,
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 farmed and taught school in Derry.


(dĕr`ē) or


(lŭn'dəndĕr`ē, lŭn`dəndĕr'ē) city (1991 pop. 95,371) and district, NW Northern Ireland. Much of the district is hilly, except for the low cultivated plain along Lough Foyle. The district was dominated for many centuries by the O'Neill family. The city, on the Foyle River near the head of Lough Foyle, is the second most important in Northern Ireland. It is a naval base and seaport with industries that include food processing, textiles and apparel, computer products and services, and chemicals.

The city grew up around an abbey founded in 546 by St. Columba. It was burned by the Danes in 812. In 1311 Derry was granted to Richard de Burgh, earl of Ulster. When it was turned over (1613) to the corporations of the City of London, the name was changed to Londonderry; the older name was restored for the local government authority in 1984. The old town walls are well preserved. In the siege of Londonderry by the forces of James II (beginning in Apr., 1689), it was held for 105 days under the leadership of George WalkerWalker, George,
1618–90, Irish Anglican clergyman and commander. As joint governor of Londonderry (now Derry) during the siege (1689) of that city by the army of the deposed James II, Walker roused the people by his courage and inspiring sermons and was able to hold the
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; a triumphal arch, a column, and one of the town gates commemorate the siege. In the late 20th cent. the city was the scene of conflict between Catholics and Protestants.

The city contains a Protestant cathedral (built 1628–33; restored 1886–87), a Roman Catholic cathedral, and a monastery church (founded 1164). Magee Univ. College in Derry is affiliated with Queens Univ., Belfast.


1. a district in NW Northern Ireland, in Co. Londonderry. Pop.: 106 456 (2003 est.). Area: 387 sq. km (149 sq. miles)
2. another name for Londonderry
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