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former county, Scotland: see Inverness-shireInverness-shire
or Inverness,
former county, NW Scotland. Under the Local Government Act of 1973, Inverness-shire was divided in 1975 between the new Highland region and Western Isles island authority (now both council areas).
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(ĭn'vərnĕs`), town (1991 pop. 39,736), Highland, N Scotland, on the Moray Firth at the mouth of the Ness River. "Capital of the Highlands," it is a seaport and transportation center due to its proximity to the river and the Caledonian Canal, completed in 1812. The town has diverse light industries, including printing, food processing, distilling, wool weaving, and shipbuilding, in addition to a herring fishery. Electrical and mechanical products and automobile parts are also manufactured. Inverness holds an annual cattle and wool market.

An ancient town, it is thought to have been a PictPicts,
ancient inhabitants of central and N Scotland, of uncertain origin. First mentioned (A.D. 297) by the Roman writer Eumenius as northern invaders of Roman Britain, they were probably descendants of late Bronze Age and early Iron Age invaders of Britain.
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 stronghold. The castle, reputedly built under Malcolm III (late 11th cent.), was involved in many wars and was blown up by the JacobitesJacobites
, adherents of the exiled branch of the house of Stuart who sought to restore James II and his descendants to the English and Scottish thrones after the Glorious Revolution of 1688. They take their name from the Latin form (Jacobus) of the name James.
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 in 1746. A new castle was built in 1835. Frequent invasions have destroyed most of the town's old buildings. Cromwell's Fort was demolished at the Restoration by Charles II. Inverness, a thriving tourist center, has a museum of Highland relics and hosts an annual Highland Gathering.


coat with cape; emblem of Sherlock Holmes. [Br. Costume and Lit.: Espy, 267]


a city in N Scotland, administrative centre of Highland: tourism and specialized engineering. Pop.: 40 949 (2001)
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It is a wonderful place to live and I have been made most welcome and been extremely well treated by everyone at the club and the city of Inverness.
The striking Trafford Bank is beautifully presented in a central location in the thriving city of Inverness and was at one time the residence of the Bishop of Inverness and Nairn.
The open-air ceremony was held at the Ness Islands beauty spot in their home city of Inverness.
BACKGROUND Citrus County is located in the northern part of Central Florida, with the County seat located in the City of Inverness.
Fans erupted as manager John Hughes took the stage to individually introduce his backroom staff and players before Provost Alex Graham presented captain Graeme Shinnie with the City of Inverness Medal.
WHAT: City of Inverness Highland Games, featuring pipe and drum bands, athletic events, acrobatics and parachute displays.
WHEN the euphoria subsides and the hangovers fade, there will still be a warm glow surrounding the city of Inverness.
The whole city of Inverness is buzzing in anticipation of the Scottish Cup Final - not just Caley Thistle supporters but the whole community," he said.
Councillor Alex Graham, Provost of the City of Inverness said: