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A re-seller of Internet connections to the PIPEX backbone.

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Address: CityScape Internet Services, 59 Wycliffe Rd., Cambridge, CB1 3JE, England. Telephone: +44 (1223) 566 950.
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Represented by the silhouette of groups of urban structures that make up a skyline, including distinguished landmarks as well as natural elements, such as rolling hills, mountains or large bodies of water.
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Bakker's essay in the 'Pride of Place' catalogue broadens his account of the cityscape to include the influence of Vredeman de Vries and, in keeping with the show's selection of pictures, a multitude of artists better known for working in other genres, such as Hendrick Vroom, the depicter of naval battles.
Wheelock Jr., has focused considerably more attention, however, on the context in which the cityscape developed, in part by including a handsome selection of period maps, atlases, and prints, whose absence at the Mauritshuis was both surprising and lamentable.
Yesterday he presented a print of the Liverpool Cityscape to the Queen on her visit to the city, but was more interested in wondering what happened to some of the members of the public who used to visit him as he worked.
During my residency, people would sit there for an hour, people would start talking, go for a coffee to talk together about the links that had been established just by looking at the cityscape - and all the basis of having daubs of paint on a canvas.
Other artists, such as Czech Republic-born Martina Shapiro, prefer to create cityscapes that don't necessarily depict a particular city.
Paul Kenton also takes an abstract approach to cityscapes. "He is not just showing a scene, but capturing a mood, feeling or moment in time," says Philippa Hambleton of Washington Green Fine Art Publishing.
Now in its seventh year and the largest business-to-business real estate investment and development event in the world, Cityscape Dubai will feature a series of important conferences where the industry's leading experts will focus on world and regional developments.
By coming to market with an all-cash proposition and an ability to make a "buy" decision within days of an offering's receipt, Berger believes that Cityscapes differs from other investors who first have to seek institutional financing.
Presently, he said, Cityscapes portfolio encompasses investments of over a million square feet.
The novelty of the research lies in: a) the reasonable analogy between the specific cultural transformations taking place in the city and the hypertext as one of the expressions of the corresponding cultural processes; b) the employment of the analogy in the process of interpretation of the cityscape's evolution in a concrete cultural context; c) the formation of the direction and landmarks of the cityscape's formation on the basis of the mentioned analogy.
Prominent figures in the Kingdom's hierarchy will be taking part in Cityscape Saudi Arabia which is being held under the patronage of HRH Prince Misha'al bin Majed bin Abdulaziz, the Governor of Jeddah Province, who will carry out the grand opening.
The unique potential of the Saudi Arabian market comes under the spotlight at Cityscape Saudi Arabia,a networking exhibition and conference focusing on all aspects of the development cycle, from 14-16 June 2009 at the Jeddah Center for Forums and Events.