Alexandru Ciucurencu

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Ciucurencu, Alexandru


Born Sept. 27, 1903, in Tulcea; died Dec. 27, 1977, in Bucharest. Rumanian painter. Corresponding member of the Rumanian Academy; People’s Artist of the Socialist Republic of Rumania.

Ciucurencu studied in Bucharest with C. Ressu at the School of Fine Arts from 1921 to 1928. He also studied in Paris with A. Lhote in 1931–32. Ciucurencu painted cheerful light-filled landscapes and still lifes. He also produced dramatic paintings on heroic themes from national history (Ana Ipătescu, 1949; Olga Bancic on a Scaffold, 1959—both in the Art Museum of the Socialist Republic of Rumania, Bucharest), portraits, and genre scenes (The Laundress, Art Museum of the Socialist Republic of Rumania). Ciucurencu was awarded the State Prize of Rumania.


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