Civil Aeronautics Board

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Civil Aeronautics Board:

see Federal Aviation AdministrationFederal Aviation Administration
(FAA), component of the U.S. Department of Transportation that sets standards for the air-worthiness of all civilian aircraft, inspects and licenses them, and regulates civilian and military air traffic through its air traffic control centers.
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Emirates was forced to stop operating the service last month after an extension from the Philippine Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) expired in January.
Emirates is yet to detail the reason for its proposed hike but will be required to provide evidence supporting its case during a hearing with the Philippines Civil Aeronautics Board on March 26.
After a stint as marketing director for another regional airline, in 1980 Daschle went to work for the Civil Aeronautics Board, the government entity charged with regulating the airline industry.
The Philippine's Civil Aeronautics Board, in a resolution issued Tuesday and effective Wednesday, revoked an earlier approval allowing flights to Manila by Taiwan's China Airlines and EVA Airways.
PAL formally lodged the complaint with the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB), a Philippine government agency overseeing airline issues and disputes.
At all times, UPS's activities were regulated by the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC), state transportation agencies, public utility commissions and the Civil Aeronautics Board.
In 1978, Congress passed legislation abolishing the Civil Aeronautics Board and deregulating airlines.
The Civil Aeronautics Board has not issued its approval because the FAA computer systems cannot handle the load that would be added.
Civil Aeronautics Board restrictions on routes and fares served that purpose, however, by preventing labor cost advantages from being translated into lower fares and a competitive advantage.
Before joining the Georgetown faculty, he worked at the Federal Trade Commission, the Civil Aeronautics Board, and the Federal Reserve Board.
Aoccrding to the website of the Civil Aeronautics Board, it is mandated to undertake 'business and development activities for the establishment of a reliable aviation and aerospace industry within the Philippines,' as well as to engage in the 'design, manufacture, and sale of all forms of aircraft' and to develop 'local capabilities in the maintenance, repair, and modification of aviation equipment.
The Civil Aeronautics Board reminds airlines to abide by the policies under the Air Passenger Bill of Rights, which sets out the minimum obligations of airlines to their passengers in case of any untoward incidents in relation to their flights.