civil list

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civil list

(in Britain) the annuities voted by Parliament for the support of the royal household and the royal family

Civil List


in monarchical governments the sum allotted in the state budget for the monarch’s personal expenses and the maintenance of the royal household. In constitutional monarchies the civil list is usually established by parliament for the duration of a monarch’s reign. In some countries, such as the Netherlands, the list is regulated by the constitution.

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This prompts speculation as to how much the Queen will ask the Government to increase the Civil List by when the current financial deal runs out in December 2010.
This is the highest amount ever drawn from the reserve, which comes from surplus Civil List money accumulated in the 1990s.
WHERE MONEY GOES Here is a summary of the royal public finances: Year to March 31, 2009 2009 pounds m 2008 pounds m The Queen's Civil List 13.
The total cost of the Civil List - which pays for the Royal Household including staff salaries - was pounds 13.
This is the woman who, when working people in this country are being told to expect minor or no pay rises, asks for a 70% increase in the Civil List.
Palace accounts also showed that the Queen, who is currently on a state visit to Canada, dipped into a reserve fund to boost her Civil List by pounds 6.
9m from the Civil List is no longer enough given the rising cost of living (she has got all those rooms to heat, remember).
As to Princess Anne adding to the "hundreds of thousands" she gets from the Civil List, if he did a bit of research he would find that the only royals who get anything from the Civil List are the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh.
The prince, like the Duchess of Cornwall and princes William and Harry, does not have an allowance from the Civil List, but receives the Duchy income.
The bill was revealed as the Queen took the historic step of revealing details of exactly where the Civil List and the money given to her by the Government goes.
By scrapping the Civil List and instead giving the Royal Family 15% of Crown Estate profits, the Queen will rake in a fortune from the green energy revolution.
Now that Wills, pictured, has got himself a proper job I expect him to be removed from the Civil List.