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According to the BBC, Ribery's lawyer was confident of success and said that they are going to fight the case, while the lawyer of Dehar, who has withdrawn as a civil plaintiff in the case, insisted that she is not asking for anything.
She has reportedly withdrawn a civil plaintiff in the case and said she wasn't asking for anything as told by her lawyer.
represented the criminal defendant, civil plaintiff, or immigrant, that
The civil plaintiff, Dowaem al-Mowazry, has argued that Naqi must be made an example of, which was why the death penalty was appropriate.
Mr Lumumba is a civil plaintiff in the case, and in Italy civil portions of cases are heard at the same time as the criminal matter.
Sarkozy, who was a civil plaintiff in the case, announced he would not appeal the decision but noted that the court had recognized that there had been a "serious conspiracy" despite Villepin's acquittal.
The owner of the house Miss Kercher shared with Knox and others in Perugia, and where her body was discovered on November 2 last year, has also been admitted as a civil plaintiff, he added, and can therefore claim damages alongside the Kercher family if someone is found guilty of the murder.
The owner of the house where Miss Kercher was found on November 2 has been admitted as a civil plaintiff, he added, so she can also claim damages if someone is found guilty of the murder.
A criminal conviction or guilty plea under the antitrust laws is admissible in a subsequent civil case as prima facie evidence of the defendant's liability: (56) if a civil plaintiff sues for damages arising from exactly the same conduct as the criminal conviction, the only issue left for trial is the amount of the damages.
(32) In addition, the civil plaintiff need not meet the beyond a reasonable doubt standard to get a "conviction." (33) For these reasons, (34) the common law prudently cautions against blurring the line between civil and criminal law.
Membership in this exclusive organization is by invitation only, and is limited to the top 100 attorneys in each state or region who have demonstrated excellence and have achieved outstanding results in their careers in either civil plaintiff or criminal defense law.
Dowaem al-Mowazry, the civil plaintiff who argued against Naqi in court, ( explained to the Arab Times why the verdict was justified.