civil liberty

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civil liberty:

see libertyliberty,
term used to describe various types of individual freedom, such as religious liberty, political liberty, freedom of speech, right of self-defense, and others. It is also used as a general term for the sum of specific liberties.
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This isn't the only issue that could be worrisome for civil libertarians, given Kerry's record in the '90s.
Oddly enough, this liberal/libertine feminist philosophy of free choice has more in common with the laissez-faire, free-market economics of the Bush and Reagan administrations than any civil libertarian or sexual liberal would care to admit.
Civil libertarians denounced the computer profiling of students as Orwellian.
The only way things will change is when the American public realizes the truth of what civil libertarians have said from the beginning: ``Law and order'' is simply a code phrase for repression.
When the far right attacks sodomites - a word I do use with uppity intent - it is striking how often leftists, liberals, progressives, civil libertarians, and humanists simply abandon the field of battle.
Furthermore, many civil libertarians are silent about these abuses, because they are motivated by "progressive" goals--such as ostensibly protecting women from abuse.
City employee union leaders and civil libertarians applauded the proposal.
Addressing the protests of civil libertarians, project manager David Forkenbrock told the Des Moines Register, "We are taking every pain to make sure that people's privacy is not disturbed.
The idea made civil libertarians wince and made Democrats roll their eyes.
To defend his crusade, Hoover tried to turn civil libertarians into the nation's enemies.
A three-judge panel in Philadelphia blocked implementation of the law after it was challenged by librarians, civil libertarians and some business groups.
Supreme Court issued a series of rulings on the "enemy combatants" cooling their heels at Guantanamo Bay and in military custody within the United States, civil libertarians mostly hailed the decisions as a victory for all that is admirable about the American justice system.