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Evolution associated with altered habit and habitat, usually in isolated species populations.
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(from Greek klados, “branch,” and “genesis”), a form of evolution of a group of living organisms leading by means of divergence to an increase in the number of separate species, genera, and families. The term, introduced by the German biologist B. Rensch in 1947, is often used as a synonym for speciation in the narrow sense—not completely accurately, since cladogenesis includes any increase in evolutionary diversity. The concept of cladogenesis is closely related to adaptive radiation and idioadaptation.


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By contrast, cladogenesis (branching evolution) leads to the origin of two or more lineages from a common ancestor (Figure 1) (Futuyma, 2009).
Endemic species may arise by any of several evolutionary mechanisms, including local cladogenesis and extinction throughout the rest of a geographic range.
Wing polymorphism and cladogenesis in the Gerridae (Hemiptera: Heteroptera), pp.
For groups of butterflies such as the Satyridae, the study of the lengths of the palpi segments is quite variable and it does not allow the subtraction of characters of important taxonomic value at any hierarchical level, mainly to establish homologies, since said structures could have been originated in multiple and independent ways in the cladogenesis of the Rhopalocera (VILORIA, Op.
Segun esta tercera teoria, el proceso evolutivo es el resultado de la conjuncion de momentos de avance gradual junto a otros momentos en los que se producen rupturas y emergencias macromutacionales rapidas, que originan la aparicion de nuevas especies (cladogenesis) o la emergencia de caracteristicas nuevas e importantes dentro de una misma especie.
Additionally, that RFLP analysis showed a pattern identical with other Brazilian strains, similar to VACV-WR and different from CPXV, suggests that a cladogenesis event may have occurred.
irresolution due to a lack of data, rather than 'hard' polytomies which is an assertion of simultaneous cladogenesis (Coddington & Scharff 1996).