Claire Lacombe

Lacombe, Claire


Born 1765 in Pamiers; year and place of death unknown. Figure in the Great French Revolution. Belonged to the enragé faction. An actress by profession.

Lacombe took part in the uprising of Aug. 10, 1792, and headed the Society of Revolutionary Republican Women (active in 1793). She demanded the establishment of the “maximum” (a system of compulsory prices and wages) and of terror against profiteers and counterrevolutionaries. She fought for equal rights for women. From April 1794 to August 1795 she was imprisoned.

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Sites in lot 1: Romain rolland elementary school, Pansera school, Espace cazot, Germain david school, Mas sanier, Prs st-jean, Claire lacombe school.
No primeiro artigo--ou capitulo, se preferirem--Biroli (2014) busca na genealogia das producoes feministas as relevantes contribuicoes, debates e reinvindicacoes provocadas pelas obras de diferentes autoras ao longo da historia--da Grecia Classica aos dias atuais -, como Safo, Hipatia, Cristina de Pizan, Claire Lacombe, Pauline Leon, Mary Wollstonecraft, Flora Tristan, Emma Goldman, Simone de Beauvoir, entre outras.
Beautiful Claire Lacombe escapes provincial poverty by joining a theatre group, and works with Pauline to make the voices of women and the poor heard during the Revolution.