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UNWRITTEN singer Natasha Bedingfield hasn't started her acting career yet but she looked at home behind the clapper board.
So it was back to the clapper board for some last minute changes.
Goalkeeper John Ruddy - who needed to be dragged away by stewards after confronting one angry supporter in the Lower Barclay Stand as thousands of clapper boards had been thrown onto the pitch - has called on the Norwich players to raise their game against Liverpool, then Manchester United and Chelsea away before the last match of the season against Arsenal.
There were some ugly scenes inside and outside Carrow Road following the final whistle, when hundreds of clapper boards - which had been put on the seats to help improve the atmosphere - were thrown onto the field, one hitting under-pressure Canaries manager Chris Hughton.
In keeping with the spirit of the media industry, Media City, as well as the hotels name, the display consists of two oversized film director chairs, clapper boards and quirky messages.
I remember a party in my house and in one corner, me and my friends were drinking and pretending to have fun and the whole of the room was taken up by the crew; about 10 people with clapper boards, dog mikes, lights.
You may have seen Shakespeare, read the Bible and All the Great Books but now it is time to get the clapper boards ready.
There would be fewer divorce cases if couples carried clapper boards.