Clara Viebig

Viebig, Clara


Born July 17, 1860, in Trier; died July 31, 1952, in West Berlin. German writer.

Viebig received a musical education. At first she wrote naturalistic novels depicting the savage customs of the German countryside, such as Children of the Eifel (1897), and the tragic fate of women, for example, Women’s Village (1900). Later, however, she turned to the realistic description of the difficult life of the urban poor in Our Daily Bread (1910) and A Handful of Earth (1915). Viebig’s later works are rather melodramatic and contain less social criticism.


Ausgewählte Werke, vols. 1–8. Stuttgart, 1922.
Der Vielgeliebte und die Vielgehasste. Stuttgart-Berlin, 1935.