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For several days after Tess's arrival Clare, sitting abstractedly reading from some book, periodical, or piece of music just come by post, hardly noticed that she was present at table.
Clare looked round upon her, seated with the others.
Clare. "Don't interrupt me by making explanations; and don't frighten the cat.
Francis Clare made his appearance the next morning in the grounds at Combe-Raven; and, something doubtful of the reception that might await him, slowly approached the precincts of the house.
Francis Clare had more in him of the shadow of his ancestors than of the substance.
Clare." Even the account he was now encouraged to give of the reception accorded to him by his father, on the previous night, failed to disturb Norah's gravity.
Clare was soon suffocated by difficulties of bribery and blackmail; and needed more and more cash.
Clare was in foul need of money, and mountains of it.
Clare was a hell-hound, but he was a hound of breed.
Clare, passing on, with his usual air of negligent drollery, "that's very well got up, Adolph.
Clare came in, embraced his wife in true, orthodox, husbandly fashion, and then presented to her his cousin.
Clare distributed small pieces of change among them.