Clarence, George, duke of

Clarence, George, duke of,

1449–78, son of Richard, duke of York, and brother of Edward IVEdward IV,
1442–83, king of England (1461–70, 1471–83), son of Richard, duke of York. He succeeded to the leadership of the Yorkist party (see Roses, Wars of the) after the death of his father in Wakefield in 1460.
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. In defiance of Edward, Clarence married Isabel Neville and joined her father, Richard Neville, earl of WarwickWarwick, Richard Neville, earl of
, 1428–71, English nobleman, called the Kingmaker. Through his grandfather, Ralph Neville, 1st earl of Westmorland, he had connections with the house of Lancaster; he was also the nephew of Cecily Neville, wife of Richard, duke of York.
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, in rebellion against the king in 1469–70. He deserted that party in 1471, however, and was reconciled with Edward. In 1478, exasperated by Clarence's continued factiousness, Edward had him attainted for treason by Parliament. He was sent to the Tower of London, where he was secretly executed. It was rumored that he was drowned in a butt of malmsey wine.
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