class hierarchy

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class hierarchy

A set of classes and their interrelationships.

One class may be a specialisation (a "subclass" or "derived class") of another which is one of its "superclasses" or "base classes".

When a method is invoked on an object it is first looked for in the object's class, then the superclass of that class, and so on up the hierarchy until it is found. Thus a class need only define those methods which are specific to it, and inherits methods from all its superclasses.

See also: multiple inheritance.
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Lightfoot will explain how examination of this history can help to clarify key precedents for some of todays current problems, including racial, gender and class hierarchies.
Benegal, 81, an acclaimed filmmaker whose socially explicit films have dwelt on issues ranging from India's class hierarchies to the sexual exploitation of women, interracial love stories and a trilogy on Indian Muslim women, has also served as the director of the National Film Development Corporation.
Extensible Markup Language (XML [5]) helps in achieving a common syntax while RDF [6] and RDFS [7] provide data models and modeling primitives like class hierarchies, relationships respectively.
We use interfaces for describing class hierarchies and the methods (operations) of the classes, and modules for implementing the class methods.
She argues that social relations between these migrants and those they engage with throughout the migration process are mediated by images, objects, practices, and Andean cultural forms, and shows how racial and class hierarchies block their access to transnational mobility.
Leon relates the adventures of a sixteenth-century alchemist who "uses magic to engage in an economic thought experiment" (95), which advocates a radical form of equality and critiques class hierarchies.
Networks of relations that simultaneously challenge and reinforce the regimes of truth intrinsic to Hinduism, class hierarchies, caste divisions and, indeed, the Indian nation-state.
According to Schewitzer, actors and their audiences found complex ways to engage with the surfaces of fashion in order to produce a conversation between actor and role, between character and the modern ideas of 'self,' between consumption and self-fashioning, while being embroiled within the power dynamics of racial, gendered and class hierarchies that structured and produced the idea of the 'fashionable' in this period.
Stewart also points out that while Black studies departments were established as a direct challenge to traditional academia, "A generalized diversity does not automatically bring a critical attitude towards the race, gender, and class hierarchies of Western civilization, or towards the historical role the university has played in furthering that discrimination.
But a great wave was breaking: feminism, agnosticism, the meltdown of old certainties and class hierarchies - all those events, in fact, that determined, a century and a half later, the mental world in which we find ourselves.
They explain Android programming basics, including installing the Android software development kit, Java, the components of an Android application, getting the application into users' hands, and Eclipse; the Android framework, including its user interface and graphics class hierarchies, concurrency, and databases; code skeletons and patterns for accelerating the development of apps that use web data and Android 4 user interface conventions and APIs; and Android's multimedia, search, location, sensor, and account APIs, as well as using the Native Development Kit for advanced capabilities.
Although some contributions to this volume acknowledge the degree to which a preoccupation with crime seems to cut across class hierarchies, the one issue I would have liked to find addressed in this otherwise engaging and informative book is how vigilantism factors into the social reproduction of inequality.