class hierarchy

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class hierarchy

A set of classes and their interrelationships.

One class may be a specialisation (a "subclass" or "derived class") of another which is one of its "superclasses" or "base classes".

When a method is invoked on an object it is first looked for in the object's class, then the superclass of that class, and so on up the hierarchy until it is found. Thus a class need only define those methods which are specific to it, and inherits methods from all its superclasses.

See also: multiple inheritance.
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Denied the status of modernity in the local class hierarchy, these groups look for it through a familiarity with a global Muslim community.
Despite evidence of rising income inequality in recent years, Americans are no more likely now than in the past to identify themselves at the high or low ends of the social class hierarchy.
True, class hierarchy was well understood by bourgeois families, but their domestic servants, accommodated in not-always-very-comfortable attic apartments, at least avoided spending hours in public transports.
The simulator supports a class hierarchy in C++ also called the compiled hierarchy, and a similar class hierarchy within the Tcl interpreter also called the interpreted hierarchy.
9) Meanwhile, the quotidian realities of Camilla's character directly contradict Bandini's fetishizing vision of her identity, and Fante also makes Camilla the clearer-seeing counterpoint to Bandini in matters of class, (10) painting her both as socioeconomically victimized by US culture and as rebelling against the US class hierarchy.
Inheritance is needed for creating dynamic trees of goal instances from the GMoDS runtime model, while polymorphism is needed for calling the appropriate operation, when a class hierarchy is used.
Class hierarchy of the DNA structure is given in Figure 6.
When something is described as "medieval" it's typically meant as a pejorative, conjuring up visions of a world narrowly constricted by class hierarchy, superstition and little to no innovation.
A Polish family moves in next door, and Oreo learns from their son the language of class hierarchy.
Rather, they produced a vibrant public space where the existing social order, including gender order, class hierarchy, and state authority, was challenged over and again.
We examined the distribution of the questions over the existing class hierarchy.
Coupling within the class hierarchy is increased because all classes are directly coupled to the same table;