Classification Society

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Classification Society


a body exercising technical supervision over shipbuilding and navigation.

A classification society establishes technical and safety standards to ensure the seaworthiness of civilian vessels and to guarantee the reliability of freight shipment and the protection of human lives. It examines the blueprints and other technical documentation of ships and of ship equipment and building materials; oversees shipbuilding and the manufacture and operation of a ship’s equipment; sets tonnage requirements and classifies vessels, assigning ships to or removing them from a category; studies accidents at sea; keeps accounts of ships that are under surveillance; and cooperates with foreign classification societies. The assignment of a ship to a certain category, which is confirmed by a certificate, is a guarantee of the technical safety of the ship. The certification ensures more favorable insurance terms for the ship and its cargo, as well as other privileges to the shipowner.

The first classification society (England, 1760) was founded by Lloyd’s, the ship insurance agency, and is called Lloyd’s Register of Shipping. Classification societies have been established in France (Bureau Veritas, 1828), Italy (Registro Italiano Navale, 1861), the USA (American Bureau of Shipping, 1862), Norway (Norske Veritas, 1864), the Federal Republic of Germany (Germanischer Lloyd, 1867), and Japan (Nippon Kaiji Kyokai, 1899). Societies also exist in the People’s Republic of Poland (Polish Shipping Registry), the German Democratic Republic (German Shipping Inspection and Classification Organization), the People’s Republic of Bulgaria (Bulgarian Shipping Registry), the People’s Republic of China (the Shipping Registry of the People’s Republic of China), the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic (Czechoslovak Shipping Registry), and the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Jugoregistr). In Russia, a classification society was founded in 1899; in 1913 it was named the Russian Registry. The USSR has two classification societies: the Registry of the Soviet Union (for sea vessels) and the River Registry of the RSFSR (for river craft).


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The list shows the Classification Society responsible for classing the ship only.
Emirates Classification Society (TASNEEF) has appointed Saeed Al Maskari as its new chief executive officer, effective 10 January, 2018.
DNV GL is the world's leading classification society and technical advisor to the global marine, oil & gas and industry renewable energy sectors.
Indian Register of Shipping (IRClass), an independent ship classification society providing ship classification and certification, announced that two naval offshore patrol vessels (NOPVs) built under its classification have been launched in Reliance Defence shipyard at Pipavav, India.
Enerzone carried out Construction Planning, supervision and ensured design of the 300 TDW Ship fully conformed to ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) Classification Society Standards.
11 July 2016 - Norwegian energy certification body and classification society DNV GL has acquired Spanish solar monitoring, control and asset management systems provider GreenPowerMonitor, the company said.
While its traditional classification society arm RINA Services has recently approved a new Compressed Natural Gas carrier to aid the exploitation of marginal fields, the groups' engineering arm, D'Appolonia, is delivering geotechnical, social and environmental services to the Mozambique LNG development.
Emirates Classification Society, or Tasneef, has achieved milestones in the first half of 2015, its third year offering maritime classification services.
Abu Dhabi: Emirates Classification Society (TASNEEF) signed a contract with Drydocks World that stipulates Tasneef will provide the classification and maritime surveying services to Drydocks fleet which is composed of approximately 11 ships including a marine excavator.
In passing the TAT, the engine is verified as having fulfilled all classification society requirements, and is therefore fully introduced to the market.
A classification society is a non-government global organisation that establishes and maintains technical standards for operating ships and offshore structures.
DET NORSKE VERITAS (DNV), a leading classification society, and Process Systems Enterprise Ltd.

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