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Clauses are groups of words that contain both a subject and a predicate.
There are two main types of clauses: independent clauses, which can function independently as sentences, and dependent clauses, which depend on an independent clause to form a sentence.
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Law a section of a legal document such as a contract, will, or draft statute
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a technical legal term used to denote:

(1) Each individual provision or condition in such documents as constitutions, statutes, declarations, laws, treaties, resolutions, and instructions.

(2) In the narrow sense, a special provision or reservation attached to a treaty.

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(computer science)
A part of a statement in the COBOL language which may describe the structure of an elementary item, give initial values to items in independent and group work areas, or redefine data previously defined by another clause.
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In the AIA documents, a subdivision of a subparagraph, identified by four numerals, e.g.,
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A logical formula in conjunctive normal form, which has the schema

p1 ^ ...^ pm => q1 V ... V qn.

or, equivalently,

~p1 V ... V ~pn V q1 V ... V qn,

where pi and qi are atoms.

The operators ~, ^, V, => are connectives, where ~ stands for negation, ^ for conjunction, V for disjunction and => for implication.


A part of a sentence (or programming language statement) that does not constitute a full sentence, e.g. an adjectival clause in human language or a WHERE clause in a SQL statement.
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Both clauses were developed in response to concerns expressed by the UK Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) about potentially unintended or unclear provision of coverage for cyber risks in various classes of insurance business, explained the IUA.
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The second model clause, called "Cyber Loss Limited Exclusion Clause" (reference: IUA 09-082), enables only the exclusion of losses directly caused by cyber events, rather than "directly or indirectly."
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