Key of Solomon

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Key of Solomon

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Ancient grimoire, or book of Ceremonial Magic. It is unlikely that this book originated with the Biblical king himself, although it has been attributed to him. It has been revised many times, and some versions of the grimoire date from at least the fourteenth century. The book is permeated with Jewish ideas. Francis King feels that the book is "a slightly Christianized version of a Qabalistic magical system of considerable antiquity."

There is also a Lesser Key of Solomon, or Lemegeton, dating from the seventeenth century. It deals with invoking the hierarchical legions of the abyss. The first part of the book, Göetia, gives conjurations for seventy-two different spirits or demons, together with details of their powers and their office. The second part, Theurgia Göetia, deals with the spirits of the cardinal points. The third part of the book is called the Pauline Art, for no discernible reason, and "treateth of the spirits allotted unto every degree of the 360 degrees of the Zodiac and also of the Signs and the Hours." The fourth part is the Almadel, which deals with four other choirs of spirits, or "Quaternary of the Attitude." The fifth part is a Book of Orations and Prayers supposedly used by King Solomon.

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